Mardi Gras Costumes

You don't want to get lost in the masses this Fat Tuesday. Make sure you stand out when you wear our Mardi Gras Costumes! These vibrant outfits are full of color and character, and can be as simple as a button-up vest or as elaborate as a multi-piece parade outfit. Browse through our selection and you're bound to find something to love. We have several easy ensembles that you can put on in a flash.

Mardi Gras
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Our many sparkling vests are covered with bright green, purple, and gold, and have sturdy, golden buttons to keep you put-together. Worried about getting chilly? Bring along a cape and you'll look hot while you stay warm. Our Mardi Gras Cape is great for any parade-goer, while our deep red velvet capes are must-haves for any Fat Tuesday King.

Step it up with a full costume and you can become anything from court clown to royal queen. Have everyone singing your praises as a Mardi Gras King, and try to keep their hands off your sultry bikini-clad Queen. No one will be mad when you make fun of them as a flirty Sequin Harlequin, and you'll have all your friends smiling when you get on the dance floor in a Sexy Jester get-up. Anyone who's truly devoted to the Mardi Gras spirit can wear our mascot suits to look good enough for any float. Our Parade Quality Jester's massive caricatured face and large head will get lots of laughs. Sick of getting ordered around? Rule the night as an fuzzy Alligator King. You'll put a spell on the whole crowd when you show up as a Wizard, wowing them with your massive hat, big white beard, and long gown.

There's lots of competition to be the best in any parade, but order one of our Mardi Gras Costumes and you won't have to worry about a thing! Move fast, or these deals might disappear faster than a bucket of beads on a float.

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