All little kids know that the best holidays are Christmas, Halloween, and of course, Easter. Open up your basket and start hangin' with your Peeps after you put on these children's Easter costumes. From church school to egg hunts, our wonderful selection has looks for the whole day. Browse through it and you're bound to find a favorite. You'll be the star of Sunday service when you wear a biblical costume for your church play. Have all your friends calling you "Teacher" when you dress up as Jesus Christ in his bright white robe, long red sash, and Crown of Thorns. Become Mary and set the standards for mothers everywhere, or show what it means to be faithful as Joseph. If you need to take a break, go tend your flocks as a sweet Shepherd.

Childrens - Kid's Shepherd Costume

Kid's Shepherd Costume

Our Price: $19.99
In Stock
Childrens - Child's Greek Goddess Costume

Child's Greek Goddess Costume

Our Price: $34.99
In Stock
Childrens - Children's Joseph Biblical Costume

Children's Joseph Biblical Costume

Our Price: $17.97
In Stock
Childrens - Kids Roman Gladiator Costume

Kids Roman Gladiator Costume

Our Price: $46.97
In Stock
Childrens - Child's Mary Costume

Child's Mary Costume

Our Price: $16.99
In Stock
Childrens - Kid's Gladiator Hercules Costume

Kid's Gladiator Hercules Costume

Our Price: $33.97
In Stock
Childrens - Boy's Shepherd Deluxe Costume

Boy's Shepherd Deluxe Costume

Our Price: $44.99
In Stock

If you aren't feeling the robes, we have plenty of other options for you. Put on some burly armor as a Roman Gladiator and charge into the Colosseum so you can fight those lions. You'll look legendary when you suit up as Hercules in a leathery tunic, flowing red cape, and gold headband. Still not your thing? Follow in Peter Cottontail's paw-prints when you wear a White Bunny Child Suit, giving you a soft, furry body and tall pointed ears.

March is right around the corner, and you've been craving that chocolate bunny for weeks. Get your own children's Easter costume and you'll be ready to start dyeing some eggs. Order yours today—you never know when it might disappear forever.

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