Mrs. Claus

As the snow lay crisp and even over the country side, Santa Claus is packing his sled for his long trip on Christmas Eve. After a year of preparing he is going to take his trip around the world giving toys to all the good little girls and boys. So who is tending the home and taking care of the North Pole elves while he is gone? Why it's Mrs. Claus, of course! For your upcoming seasonal North Pole event or your Christmas charity party become this timeless Christmas icon with one of our Mrs. Claus Costumes.

Mrs. Claus - Child's Miss Santa Costume

Child's Miss Santa Costume

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Mrs. Claus - Mrs. St. Nick Women's Plus Size Costume

Mrs. St. Nick Women's Plus Size Costume

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Mrs. Claus - Miss. Santa Costume Adult

Miss. Santa Costume Adult

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Mrs. Claus - Sexy All Wrapped Up Adult Costume

Sexy All Wrapped Up Adult Costume

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She is the woman behind the legend of Santa Clause. She is the caretaker of the home and makes sure Old St. Nick is fit for his travels. She keeps him jolly and makes sure the elves are working their hardest at the toy factory. So essentially, there wouldn't be Christmas without Mrs. Clause. Now you can become her in one of our many outfits inspired by her iconic appearance. She always wears a gown of red and an apron of white. You'll never see her without her gold rimmed round glasses or here white hat. When it comes to her unique ensemble we strive to offer you a series of outfits that replicate her look perfectly.

We carry a series of traditional, high quality and affordable Mrs. Claus ensembles if you want to play dress up for the holiday party. However, if you want to get a bit sexy this season we also carry sensual dresses that have been inspired by Mrs. Clause. Simply stand under the mistletoe in one of these outfits and you'll have fellas lining up to steal a kiss.

You'll become the lovable Mrs. Clause if you don any number of these outfits for your holiday festivities.

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