The Earth is getting attacked by the Covenant and the Flood and you are the only line of defense we have to save the entire human race. Join the Master Chief and Cortana by putting on one of our Halo costumes that are going to make you a Spartan. Travel to the Halo rings in this outfit, or just through your neighborhood, in order to solve the vast mysteries of the Forerunners and other space age aliens in the hit video game franchise.

Halo Costumes - Halo 3 Deluxe Master Chief Costume

Halo 3 Deluxe Master Chief Costume

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With the classic hit, Halo: Combat Evolved, marked the beginning of revolutionary first person shooter video games on the Xbox system. Since that release in 2001, Halo has had four more major releases to it's story (such as Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4) and franchise as well as numerous books and spin offs such as a television series. This is one of video games most iconic franchises, and now you can join this universe to help aid the fight.

Master Chief is a genetically enhanced super soldier who is responsible for helping the humans send back the Covenant fleet that is attacking Earth and planning to uncover the truth about age old artifacts that will destroy the universe. Fight to activate the Ark and stop the Flood from killing off humanity, and all sentient life, to save the world as we know it. You can grab one of our Spartan suit Mjolnir armors to feel just as strong and brave as Master Chief is throughout the Halo series. Through several games we have seen this hero beat adversity time and time again. Now you can become a Spartan just like him by grabbing some of this armor that will make you fit to protect the world.

The alien Covenant forces will be no match for you, Master Chief, and Cortana as you walk on the Halo rings in one of our Halo costumes.

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