Pies in the face, squirt guns, and balloon animals aren't anywhere near as funny if the clown doesn't look like one. Finish the outfit with one of our many clown wigs so that you're ready to entertain a party. A clown costume without a wig is funny, but everyone would be laughing at you and not with you. When's the last time you saw a clown without an afro or other funny hairdo? Probably never. These funny entertainers normally have a very large afro that is either a bright color or colored in a rainbow pattern. An afro is already a funny hairstyle, so add some comical colors into it and it's no wonder why clowns are funny.

Clown - Clown Cutie Pie Adult Wig

Clown Cutie Pie Adult Wig

Our Price: $11.97
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Clown - Large Black Afro Wig Child's

Large Black Afro Wig Child's

Our Price: $4.99
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Clown - Adult Red Clown Wig

Adult Red Clown Wig

Our Price: $14.94
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Girl clowns are a little cuter, but still not serious at all. Their hairdos are in multiple pigtails of bright and neon colors that make them look really excited and happy. Don't clown around, any clown costume needs a clown wig to keep them looking fun. If you don't grab one of these wigs, it'll be an awful joke, and not one that a clown should tell. Some people are scared of clowns, but that's only because they don't look friendly enough. You'll look hilarious once you decide to put on one of our many clown wigs. Both men and women can be the funny clowns at the party.

The circus won't be the same without a true clown there. One of our clown wigs will make you the perfect addition to any circus.

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