This is one hairstyle that's difficult to grow out, so go ahead and purchase an afro wig from us to give yourself this funky look that was ever so popular in the 60's and 70's. Today we laugh at afro hairstyles, but back in the day they were actually very popular among both men and women. Afros were hairstyles that feature picked out hair that became very large and very round. They were puffed out so wide that they were heavy to actually sport. Back in the 70's, during the disco era, this was the hairstyle that everyone wanted to have. Though it has since died down in popularity, you can bet it's still comical anytime you see someone with it, even if it is a wig.

Afros - Adult Large Brown Afro Wig

Adult Large Brown Afro Wig

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Afros - Afro Jumbo Super Size Adult Wig

Afro Jumbo Super Size Adult Wig

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Afros - Sexy Women's Light up Afro Wig

Sexy Women's Light up Afro Wig

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Not only were afros big in the disco community, but clowns later adopted the look of this large hairdo. Typically, when clowns wore an afro they would have it colored in various bright colors or like a rainbow. This added to the funniness that we see clowns as having as their hair is very wild. No clown is funny without an afro to go with the look. No one expects you to be able to grow out an afro in such a short amount of time, so go ahead and grab one today. Forget the hair pick and make it as large as you'd like.

Men and women alike can sport the amazing afro wigs, so make sure that you're having a blast this Halloween with one of them.

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