Sometimes a wig just isn't enough to make your costume complete. It takes a little extra, like our wig accessories, every now and then to make a wig look exactly like what you wanted or just to make it stay on comfortably. Now you can have everything you'll ever need to make your hair look just like what you wanted. Wigs aren't the most comfortable of items to place on top of your hair, so we understand the need for things that will make them easier to put on and wear for the duration of the night. These wig accessories feature tape and caps so that you will not even feel that your are wearing a wig. You'll truly trick everyone into thinking that your real hair has just changed drastically.

Accessories - Women's Novelty Patriotic Wig

Women's Novelty Patriotic Wig

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Sometimes it's not comfort that you need to add to your wig, sometimes it's just a little bit extra. We offer some accessories that enhance a wig and make it more colorful or fun too. There are clip on extensions in various colors as well as flower pieces and extra long braids as well. Whatever you need to make your hair exactly as you envision it can be found in here. Make sure your night goes as you want and you look as you had imagined when you complete your outfit and wig with some of these items. There's tons you can do to ensure you look great.

Try on some of these wig accessories in order to really show off your hairstyle this year.

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