Rock and roll, greasers, and sexy women defined the decade of the 1950's. With our 50's hairstyle wigs you can become whatever or whoever you want from this vintage era. When people think of the 1950's the first thing that comes to mind about the style were the big hairstyles worn by both men and women. The person with the most recognizable and amazing hairstyle of the 50's would have to be Elvis Presley himself. This rock icon, the king of rock and roll himself, had amazing black hair that was fit with sideburns, a poof styled front, and greased back looks. Every man on Earth would wish that he could be Elvis, and now here's your chance to become a superstar with an Elvis wig.

50s - Marilyn Monroe Licensed Wig

Marilyn Monroe Licensed Wig

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50s - Minions Scarlet Overkill Wig for Women

Minions Scarlet Overkill Wig for Women

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50s - Women's Cool 50s Girl Wig

Women's Cool 50s Girl Wig

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50s - Women's Black Flip Wig

Women's Black Flip Wig

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Women during this time period of the 1950's were often seen as housewives. These women would have large hair often held back by a headband with curling tips. If that isn't the 50's style womanly look you were aiming for, there are also curly blonde wigs that will make you look like the other 50's star, Marilyn Monroe. Whether a sexy look or a classic look, you'll find what you need in this set.

Head back to the 1950's and become a superstar this Halloween. The 50's were a time when rock and roll was at it's peak. Don't miss out on having some real fun this holiday by completing your costume to make it look authentic. You won't feel like you belong in the 50's without a proper hairstyle that the 50's wigs will give you.

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