Zombie Props

Put the shovel down! You don't have to dig up corpses to make your Halloween setup truly terrifying this year. Instead, you should stay clean and take a look at our collection of zombie props. What were you going to do with the bodies anyway? You know you don't have powers that can raise the dead. We have a wide variety of zombie items that will certainly send shivers down the spines of trick-or-treaters and anybody else who dares to venture onto your property.

Zombie Props - Zombie Blood

Zombie Blood

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Zombie Props - Black Zombie Blood

Black Zombie Blood

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Zombie Props - Men's Creepy Companion Zombie Prop Costume

Men's Creepy Companion Zombie Prop Costume

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If you were to have a front yard full of actual dead bodies, it could get a bit smelly for the neighbors. Our zombie props will make your haunted graveyard setup just as repulsive but a bit more sanitary. Use these zombies to create a chilling atmosphere in your front yard, and combine them with all different kinds of tombstone and ghost decorations. You want people to think that there was a burial ground on your property and that these corpses have risen from their graves.

Be sure to check out our other sections as well, so you can put together the perfect scene for this Halloween season. Zombies would coordinate well with vampires, ghosts, ghouls, and even gory props and decorations. You can really bring your setup to life by having somebody dress up like a zombie and hide on the front lawn. This way, people will be caught off-guard when one of your decorations actually begins moving towards them. Nothing is scarier than knowing you are about to become a meal for an undead creature.

So liven up your neighborhood with your Halloween decorations, and check out these zombie props today!

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