Torture Devices

Death doesn't scare people quite as much as the thoughts of torture and pain. This is why our collection of Halloween torture devices is the perfect way to frighten your friends, your neighbors, and your trick-or-treaters into never approaching your house again without thinking twice about it. While traditional Halloween props and decorations are spooky and creepy, these torture devices take it to the next level. Nobody wants to imagine what it would be like to have their limbs chained and severed, but these items make that imagery impossible to ignore.

Torture Devices - Electric Chair with Body Prop

Electric Chair with Body Prop

Our Price: $10,999.99
In Stock
Torture Devices - Psycho Sam with Sound and Motion

Psycho Sam with Sound and Motion

Our Price: $309.99
Out of Stock

From haunted houses to front lawns, torture device props should be placed prominently for all to witness. The sight of chains, hooks, and butcher tools will immediately send adrenaline pumping through onlookers' systems. If you decorate the surrounding area with some equally gory Halloween decorations, all of our torture devices will have your visitors begging you to let them leave.

You can use these items to create a torture dungeon in your home for your haunted house event or theme party. Guests will think that they walked into a chamber of doom and do everything they can to escape from captivity. Lock the windows and bolt the doors so nobody can get out. Your guests' grim fates are unavoidable.

So be a good host and play mind games with your guests by setting up these terrifying torture devices this Halloween!

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