Science Fiction Props

Let your inner nerd run free with our science fiction Halloween props! This holiday is about showing off your love for the odd, the strange, and the totally ridiculous, which is why science fiction is the perfect genre to embrace. We have an amazing variety of items that feature some of your favorite science fiction characters from your favorite science fiction movies and television shows.

Science Fiction Props - TNG Star Trek Phaser

TNG Star Trek Phaser

Our Price: $11.97
In Stock
Science Fiction Props - Wearable Display Darth Vader Helmet

Wearable Display Darth Vader Helmet

Our Price: $899.99
In Stock
Science Fiction Props - Limited Edition Yoda Statue

Limited Edition Yoda Statue

Our Price: $599.99
In Stock
Science Fiction Props - Life Sized Alien Leader

Life Sized Alien Leader

Our Price: $129.99
Out of Stock
Science Fiction Props - Roswell Bust Alien

Roswell Bust Alien

Our Price: $96.99
Out of Stock

Sci-fi props and decorations add a certain flair to any setup or scene. They give it a sophisticated, mysterious aura, which can help capture the attention of onlookers. Whether you are designing a twisted scene for a haunted house event or creating a futuristic atmosphere for a theme party, we have everything you need to achieve the look and feel you desire. Take a look through our selection of science fiction props to see if something catches your attention.

Sometimes, the best Halloween decorations are the ones you least expect to find. Well, we bet you will find a lot of pleasant surprises in this section of our site. Our science fiction items can easily integrate into any theme of decorations, altering the future of Halloween forever.

So create something memorable this year and check out these science fiction props!

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