Scary Puppets

Most puppets are frightening even if they aren't designed to be scary. So you can just imagine how horrifying our collection of scary Halloween puppets is. Use that imagination to bring these characters to life, scaring the pants off of your friends, guests, and visitors this Halloween season. If you are running a haunted house or hosting a party this Halloween season, then our wide variety of puppet items can definitely help you make the event a nightmare for guests.

Usually, the frightening thing about puppets is the way they move. Their motion alone is something that can make people tremble with fear, but our puppets' appearances take that fear a step further. The items in this section are terrifying even if they aren't moving. When completely stationary, these props have the ability to run for their lives.

We want you to appreciate every shriek and scream of your victims, and the more screams you produce, the more there is to appreciate. From animatronic puppets to portable puppet props, we are your go-to superstore for Halloween supplies. All of our decorations are priced as low as possible, without sacrificing the quality of the puppet. We want to help you remain focused on the fear factor of your event or party, not your budget.

So let us pull some strings for you this Halloween season, and check out these scary puppets today!

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