When you're having the Headless Horseman over for Halloween, you really need to pull out all the stops. Our creative Halloween pumpkin props and decorations are sure to impress him! We carry plenty of supplies to fill up your home with ghoulish gourds and the tools you need to make your own. Do some virtual pumpkin-picking and choose your favorites from this selection.

Pumpkin - Poke-A-Pumpkin Carving Set

Poke-A-Pumpkin Carving Set

Our Price: $11.99
In Stock
Pumpkin - 72" Hanging Lightup Pumpkin Man Prop

72" Hanging Lightup Pumpkin Man Prop

Our Price: $34.99
In Stock
Pumpkin - 6' Hanging Pumpkin Ghost

6' Hanging Pumpkin Ghost

Our Price: $34.97
Out of Stock
Pumpkin - Flickering Safe Pumpkin Light

Flickering Safe Pumpkin Light

Our Price: $2.97
Out of Stock
Pumpkin - Halloween Pumpkin Vines

Halloween Pumpkin Vines

Our Price: $54.99
Out of Stock
Pumpkin - Psycho Pumpkin Prop Cover

Psycho Pumpkin Prop Cover

Our Price: $54.99
Out of Stock

Everyone tells you to toss out your Jack-o'-Lanterns before they go bad, but what happens when you don't? You get some of our creepy decorations, of course. Pumpkin-headed reapers to hang by the front door and scarecrows to fend of trick-or-treaters are only some of the props you'll find here. We even have crawling fog spewers to shroud your lawn in mist.

If you have a bit of a crafty side, you'll want to make up your own decorations. Our creative carving sets let you poke through pumpkins with tiny holes and spooky shapes, giving your set-up a one-of-a-kind touch! Don't worry about burning the place down, though—flickering electric lights offer a safer alternative to tea lights...and one that you don't have to relight every hour!

Nobody does Halloween like you do, so it's only natural that you'd attract plenty of attention. Make the most of it when you get some pumpkin props and decorations to finish the scene! Place your order today so you don't come up short October 31st.

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