Pirate Props

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! If the pirate life is the life for you, then you definitely want to check out our selection of Halloween pirate props. Our wide variety of pirate items features undead sailors, buried treasure, Jolly Roger signs, and so much more. Whether you have always craved to live like a pirate or want to add some sailor fright to your night, we have the tools to immerse you in a world of adventure and fantasy.

Pirate Props - Pirate costume

Pirate costume

Our Price: $4.97
In Stock
Pirate Props - Inflatable Cooler Treasure Chest

Inflatable Cooler Treasure Chest

Our Price: $21.99
In Stock
Pirate Props - Surprise Pirate Animated Prop

Surprise Pirate Animated Prop

Our Price: $162.99
In Stock
Pirate Props - Haunted Glowing Pirate Portrait - Large

Haunted Glowing Pirate Portrait - Large

Our Price: $49.99
Out of Stock

With the amount of pirate items we have available on our site, you can easily create your own undead crew of sailors, or go all the way and make your own pirate ship. Halloween is the only time of the year when you can publicly display an interest in swashbuckling and looting, so take advantage of the opportunity and show the world how much you love sailing the seven seas with our pirate props and decorations. Dress yourself up like an intimidating pirate or become a horrifying zombie pirate, and be sure to take a look at the accessories sold separately on our site to complete the image.

You do not have to dig up a buried treasure to afford our Halloween pirate props. We sailed the world over to bring you affordable, quality items, so you can focus on enjoying every minute of your event or party.

So gar, matey! Ye best be getting some of these pirate props today!

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