Haunted Castle Props

Even if you don't live in a mansion, you can use these haunted castle Halloween props and decorations to turn your home into a dungeon of fear and terror. These items combine the the gloom of the medieval era with the fright of Halloween. Hanging hooks, skull candles, and flaming cauldrons are only a few of the quality products in our vast selection. Only the medieval age can bring forth such horrific creations as the ones in our haunted castle items collection, and now you can utilize these themes to accent your spooky scene. From haunted castle decorations to animatronic props, we have the tools necessary to create an unforgettable atmosphere for your haunted house or Halloween party.

Haunted Castle Props - Medieval Stone Wall Backdrop (Each)

Medieval Stone Wall Backdrop (Each)

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Everyone deserves their own castle, but the era of swords and shields has long since passed. Thankfully, our haunted castle Halloween props make it easy to bring back the wonder of ruling your own realm. Create your own dungeon, design your personal oubliette, or transform yourself into a ruthless king. You could even accent a traditional Halloween scene to make it more antique and mysterious.

It used to take years and piles of gold to produce a lavish castle. Now, with the help of our haunted castle Halloween props, you can easily build your own medieval mansion.

Add some of these haunted castle props to make any scene complete!

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