Graveyard Props

Create a haunted cemetery scene on your front lawn with our collection of graveyard Halloween props. Only the bravest of souls dare to wander into a graveyard on Halloween, but now you can force guests, visitors, and trick-or-treaters to wander through one to get to your front door. Our wide selection of graveyard items gives you more than enough tools to create a creepy, horrifying burial ground of your own. From tombstones to animatronic zombies and ghosts, we have everything it takes to design your own spooky graveyard scene.

Graveyard Props - Hairy 20" Spider

Hairy 20" Spider

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With Halloween being a celebration of the dead, it only makes sense to bring a cemetery scene to life. Not only do we have tombstone decorations to make your own spooky scene, but we also offer tons of graveyard accessories, such as cemetery fences, cobweb effects, and fog machines. Utilize our wide selection of graveyard props to enhance your haunted house atmosphere, or use these items to set the tone for your next Halloween party.

Creating an actual graveyard is timely and expensive (and it probably requires all types of permits), but our graveyard Halloween props make it easy and affordable.

Nothing matches the satisfaction of stepping back and admiring your realistically terrifying graveyard, so take advantage of our graveyard props and build your own this year!

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