Full Size Props

At FrightCatalog.com, we believe that realistic full size props and decorations are something to be proud about. Naturally, we take a great deal of pride in our selection of decapitated, burned, charred, murdered, and undead full size props. If you find yourself in need of a lifelike human body or a full size decoration for your Halloween setup, we are more than happy to help make your vision become a reality.

Our large and full size items are designed to closely replicate elements of the human body. Our burned victims look like they have been tossed about in a raging fire, while our decapitated props seem to have experienced an unfortunate encounter with an ax-wielding murderer. Every one of our full size items is built to meet your needs and scare the you-know-what out of your guests and trick-or-treaters. From mummies to skinless bodies, we have exactly what you want.

In addition to our corpses and bodies, we also have a load of other full size props. For example, we have killer clowns, demonically possessed killers, and murderous scarecrows, all built to put the fear into the unsuspecting victims you invite into your home. With this unbelievable selection, your Halloween setup will feel that much more realistic, sending shrills and thrills rippling through the skin of visitors.

So be sure to check out these full size props today!

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