Bodies & Body Parts

Litter your lawn with Halloween bodies and body parts to get the fear flowing through the veins of onlookers! All of our wonderful props and decorations are built to be as realistic as possible, making them truly horrific. From dismembered torsos to mutilated arms, our Halloween bodies and body parts section has everything you need to create a haunted graveyard or set up your own bloody butcher shop. Add them to Halloween scenes to give it an eerie edge of realism, which will have people shaking with anxiety as soon as they approach your house.

Bodies & Body Parts - 15" Animated Prop John Doe

15" Animated Prop John Doe

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Bring out your dead and make them stand among you, because Halloween is a time of remembering those who have passed before us. With our fake bodies and body parts, you bring the dead to life in a way that even witches' spells are unable to achieve. Whether you want to bring the living dead to your party or add a bit of bloody flair to your haunted house, Halloween bodies and body parts are the ideal way to do it.

Getting fake body parts are much cheaper than digging up a real body and hacking it up, and it's much easier than hacking up a helpless trick-or-treater.

Search through our section to find the perfect props and decorations for your creepy Halloween scene!

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