Bloody Butcher Shop Props

Paint your Halloween red with some of our awesome bloody butcher shop props! Whether you want to add some gore to your kitchen or turn your house into a torture dungeon, these items are guaranteed to make visitors cringe. Add some to your party to heighten the level of fear, or place them around your haunted house to induce some real screams. No matter the reason, bloody butcher shop Halloween props will make you giddy with gory delight.

Bloody Butcher Shop Props - Limbless Libby Animatronic Prop

Limbless Libby Animatronic Prop

Our Price: $159.99
Out of Stock
Bloody Butcher Shop Props - Severed Body Parts

Severed Body Parts

Our Price: $7.97
Out of Stock
Bloody Butcher Shop Props - Full Size Animated Corpse Ballerina

Full Size Animated Corpse Ballerina

Our Price: $1,279.99
Out of Stock

Halloween is the only time when transforming your house into a bloody butcher shop is accepted and encouraged. From victims' intestines to bloody butcher shop decorations, we have everything you need to bring your morbid fantasies to life. Take some time to plan out your personal butcher shop, then use our bloody butcher shop props to make it happen. Halloween only comes around once a year, so go nuts and really show off your twisted side.

Nothing is more twisted than our collection of bloody butcher shop props!

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