Was that monster always hiding in the toilet? What about the blood stains on the ceiling? From Psycho to The Shining to The Grudge, scary movies have taught us that the bathroom is the creepiest place in the house. Set up some bathroom props and decorations before your next Halloween party and have everyone holding it!

Bathroom - Bloody Bath Animated Zombie Prop

Bloody Bath Animated Zombie Prop

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Bathroom - Help Blood Shower Curtain 70"

Help Blood Shower Curtain 70"

Our Price: $12.99
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No scary decorations would be complete without a bloody shower curtain. Covered in hand prints and splattered with blood, these accessories make a great addition to any creepy home décor. Some of them even have shadows of victims printed on them, making it look like they're reaching out for help! Put them up for October 31st and leave them there so you can terrify all your house guests. If your visitors are big horror movie buffs, you'll need something a bit more drastic to scare them. Our animatronics are sure to do the trick, letting you fill the water loo with blood baths and screaming specters! After all, nobody expects to find a dead body while they're doing their business.

Everyone has worried that they'll see something moving in the mirror while they're washing their hands. Take advantage of those fears when you set up our bathroom props and decorations! Order your favorites today - you don't want to see these deals go down the drain. They make great gifts for slasher fans as well.

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