Animated Props

The devil is in the details. Prepare your home for Halloween fun when you fill it up with small animated props! All of these props are around three-feet tall or shorter, letting you save space for your guests. Cute, creepy, silly...we have every kind of decoration you could hope for. Look through our selection and you're bound to find a favorite!

Animated Props - Hanging Man Prop

Hanging Man Prop

Our Price: $26.97
Out of Stock
Animated Props - Animated Crawling Monster Hand

Animated Crawling Monster Hand

Our Price: $29.99
Out of Stock
Animated Props - 14" Striking Snake Hissing Prop

14" Striking Snake Hissing Prop

Our Price: $36.99
Out of Stock
Animated Props - 15" Animated Prop John Doe

15" Animated Prop John Doe

Our Price: $114.99
Out of Stock

When trick-or-treaters are walking up to your doors, you don't want to make it too easy to reach the candy. Lunging snakes will try to bite their feet off as they move, while miniature psycho clowns will jeer at them from their cages! Lighten the mood with a banjo-playing skeleton and set up a hanging man that will kick in time to the music. If you need to get their appetites up, set down Regan on her silver platter and she'll have everyone eating in fear!

What would a Halloween set-up be without a demon or two? Our monstrous babies are a great way to spook out new parents, letting you tease them with grumpy mummies and head-spinning infants. Some of them are just old enough to take their first steps across your floor! Just be careful that they don't bite your feet off when they make it over to you.

You don't need your decorations to be big and flashy for them to get noticed. Our small animated props are sure to spook your friends and have them talking long after the party is over! Get them today or they might slip right through your fingers.

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