Animated Props

Causing a scare or a stir of the mind is easy with our collection of animated Halloween props. Rather than simply setting up a stationary scene of Halloween decorations, our animated props will bring it to life, adding some truly terrifying movement, sound, and thrills to your scene. As the specialists of Halloween, we sell only the best and most professional horror item one can find. Our animated selection will send trick-or-treaters fleeing from your home.

Fear is conjured up when someone one feels that his or her life is threatened, or that something is out to harm that person. While Halloween props and decorations can help to instill the sensation of fear, our animated items are the nail in the coffin for generating actual fear. If someone comes wandering into your Halloween scene expecting nothing to jump out, an animated witch will cause them to scream and run in terror.

If you want to take your indoor or outdoor decoration scenes to a whole new level, look through our stock of animated decorations. We have a large enough selection to accommodate anyone's needs, and we are always adding more.

Rather than settling for the same boring setup this year, let our animated Halloween props add some spice and movement to your horrifying holiday.

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