Bring Back the Dead with Animated Halloween Props!

No Halloween is complete without terrifying animated Halloween props.

Halloween is about fear, and instilling that fear into others. With our animated Halloween props, you can succeed in scaring the pants off anyone that comes to your house. Whether you are running a haunted house, handing out candy, or simply trying to add a bit of fright into the night, our animated Halloween props are a must.

What is Fear?

Fear is the perceived sensation that something may be potentially or immediately threatening your person. While a stationery environment of props and decorations could create the illusion of fear, they cannot match the results of animated Halloween props.

Our animated Halloween props utilize movement and sound to generate a sudden sensation that something is out to get you. This is where the true fear comes from - something is going bump in the night and it wants you. Think of any nightmare you had as a child. It was full of something chasing, moving, or making its way toward you. Our animated Halloween props fulfill this nightmarish movement.

Haunted House Props

Animated Halloween props are a must for any haunted house. People walking through a haunted house anticipate the sensation of suddenly becoming scared. They expect something to pop out at them, and an armada of animated props will turn your Halloween into one full of terrified screams. While your costumed friends and volunteers run throughout the haunted house, the animated Halloween props will have the chokepoints covered.

Halloween Animatronics

In addition to animated Halloween props, our professional animatronics are here to help heighten the immersion. These are high quality props that can add a great amount of detail and fear to your haunted house or Halloween scene. Our animatronics scream, move, swing, yell, and cultivate the feeling of fright within anyone passing by them.

No matter the feeling or the theme of your haunted house, we have the animated Halloween props and animatronics that will meet your needs. As the Halloween professionals, we are proud to have one of the largest, most extensive selections of props, costumes, masks, animatronics, and decorations.

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