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All Hallows' Eve is the holiday where you are allowed to let your macabre creativity run loose, and our frightful products give you the tools needed to build an astonishingly decorative scene inside or outside your house. Whether you are looking to shock, awe, or intrigue, no goal is outside of FrightCatalog's ability. Now, let's get those creative juices flowing with ideas to help inspire you.

Zombies are one of the staple mythical creatures of October 31st, and we have plenty of gravestones, zombie hands, fake body parts (real ones cost too much), and loads of animatronics. All of this easily turns your front lawn into a festering pool of flesh-hungry corpses ready to consume their next meal. If you do not mind tearing up your lawn, tear up the earth and create a horrific design by burying the zombie pieces in a thin veil of dirt.

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Vampire lore is built around the creatures' fangs, their bite, and their victims. When a vampire bites someone, the person either turns into a vampire or a ghoulish zombie, depending on a couple factors. Surrounding a vampire with a load of zombies will give your scene a bit of mythological lore, increasing the intrigue of your yard design. In fact, the more fright you can fit into the scene, the more interesting it becomes.

Ghosts are one of the most intriguing mysteries of the world. There are shows, books, and websites dedicated to hunting down these creatures. Some say that October 31st is the one day when the spirit world is more likely to cross over into our realm. But with our spooky products, you can guarantee that this happens and your whole house becomes the focal point of paranormal ghostly activities.

A pirate's life is full of adventure and danger, perfect for the imagination but not for reality. Pirates are nasty, unruly individuals, especially the recently deceased ones. They come back to life and cause all sorts of mayhem, which is why they make such amazing decorations. Plus, you do not have to worry about all that scurvy.

With all of these options, you are bound to find something you like this Halloween!

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