Become the lycanthrope with the help of Halloween werewolf masks! No need for a full moon, no need for a ravenous bite from a fellow werewolf, only the entertaining aspect of shopping for Halloween werewolf headwear. From traditional wolfman to rabid werewolf, we stock a selection wide enough to keep your wild side satiated.

Werewolf - Wolf Mask

Wolf Mask

Our Price: $22.97
In Stock
Werewolf - Werewolf Ani-Motion Deluxe Mask

Werewolf Ani-Motion Deluxe Mask

Our Price: $31.97
In Stock

Werewolves are among the meanest of mythical creatures. They drive on an irresistible hunger to that commands them to hunt and prey on victims. With our Halloween werewolf disguises, you can follow your own programmed sense of mischief and mania. Stalk a party for your perfect victim or hunt the night for some candy, our Halloween werewolf facial accessories will be there to support your carnivorous adventures. Scary werewolf, funny werewolf, and so much more can be found right here.

The price of actually becoming a werewolf could leave more than your wallet damaged. Thankfully, we have a safe, affordable alternative with our selection, which are built to replicate an authentic feeling of being an actual werewolf. Don the Halloween mask, howl at the moon, and become the horror of a werewolf this Halloween. Shipping is fast and affordable!

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