Our Slipknot masks make the perfect Halloween accessories for anyone looking to express their love for metal. Since Slipknot is one of the greatest, loudest, and most in-your-face bands ever to exist, Halloween is the exact holiday for you to show them just how much you appreciate their music. Whether you are screaming out their lyrics or causing others to scream in fear, our Slipknot headwear are metal to the core.

Slipknot - Chris Slipknot Mask

Chris Slipknot Mask

Our Price: $56.99
Out of Stock
Slipknot - 133 Slipknot Mask

133 Slipknot Mask

Our Price: $49.99
Out of Stock
Slipknot - Jim Slipknot Face Mask

Jim Slipknot Face Mask

Our Price: $34.99
Out of Stock
Slipknot - Craig Slipknot Full Mask

Craig Slipknot Full Mask

Our Price: $61.99
Out of Stock

Since each member of Slipknot wore their own mask, we offer a huge selection to accommodate your favorite member. We have even stocked some of the variations of the original band members' head gear, giving you an even greater amount of customization. If you have ever hoped to own some of the most realistic Slipknot masks ever created, you have found your Slipknot haven.

. Even though the band has split to do their own projects, that does not mean their love for their fans has dwindled. Whether you are looking for something for Halloween or to wear a concert, these mask will definitely get you looking like their number one fan!

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