Everybody will hail to the chief when you show up at your next Halloween event or theme party wearing one of these amazing presidents masks. These items are extremely realistic and they allow you to portray some of the most popular political figures in the history of the United States. The best part of dressing up as a former or current United States President is that your costume will be instantly recognizable.

Presidents - Adult Black Suit Costume

Adult Black Suit Costume

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Presidents - Adult Mitt Romney Vinyl Mask

Adult Mitt Romney Vinyl Mask

Our Price: $5.99
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Presidents - Adult Vinyl Obama Mask

Adult Vinyl Obama Mask

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Presidents - Teddy Roosevelt Men's Costume

Teddy Roosevelt Men's Costume

Our Price: $125.99
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Presidents - Abraham Lincoln Men's Costume

Abraham Lincoln Men's Costume

Our Price: $53.99
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Presidents - Adult's Clinton Mask

Adult's Clinton Mask

Our Price: $18.97
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Presidents - Adult JFK Mask

Adult JFK Mask

Our Price: $19.97
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We have a great variety of presidents masks on our site, featuring classic presidents such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, as well as recent presidents such as Bill Clinton and current US President Barack Obama. When you transform yourself into the Commander-in-Chief, people might treat you differently. They might walk on eggshells around you at first, unsure as to whether or not you have the authority and/or capability of ordering their deportation/death. But once everybody settles down, they will realize that you are just like one of them, except more important and not at all like one of them because you are the President and they are not.

Dressing up as a United States President could be tons of fun in a party setting because you could be a walking history lesson for the other guests. You can brush up on your facts and anecdotes, and you can really get into character by convincing people that you are actually the president you are portraying. For example, Abraham Lincoln was a notable raconteur and often embarked on personal stories to help people understand his points.

So think of an interesting story to tell and get one of these presidents masks today!

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