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Find something new this year for your Halloween events and theme parties. Browse through our fresh collection of new for 2016 masks and look for the perfect item to complete your costume. Make your character more believable by creating a more sexy, more humorous, or more terrifying look for your outfit. We have a wide variety of brand new masks that are great for men and women, and we definitely have something just for you.

As a disclaimer, we would like to point out that these items are not for the squeamish or easily frightened. Some of these masks have been known to cause nightmares for the bravest of souls, and some have even been known to steal souls. The selection features characters that range from repulsive clowns to slasher movie villains to classic horror movie monsters. There are even a few creepy versions of animal masks that will certainly give you trouble sleeping at night.

Remember when we mentioned the concept of "sexy"? Well, there is nothing sexy about any of these new masks. In fact, they are basically all extremely creepy or utterly terrifying. We don't know which masks are scarier: the murderous clowns or the zombified creatures. The creepy animals could actually have a chance at claiming that title as well. So if you are trying to dress up as a ridiculously frightening creature for your next costume event or party, then you should check out this great collection of masks. Why settle for old items that everybody else is going to be wearing?

Be an early adopter and get one of these new for 2016 masks today!

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