When you buy a mask for your costume, you want to make sure you are getting the real deal. Too many sites sell you imitations of the items you actually want, and although you save some money, your savings are at the cost of the quality of the product. Avoid imitations and check out our amazing collection of licensed masks to enhance your outfit for your next Halloween event or theme party.

Licensed - Dr. Decker Nightbreed Adult Mask

Dr. Decker Nightbreed Adult Mask

Our Price: $69.99
Out of Stock
Licensed - Jawless Walker Zombie Mask

Jawless Walker Zombie Mask

Our Price: $24.99
Out of Stock

The beauty of purchasing an officially licensed product is that you know it is the real thing. After all, you can't spell "limitation" without "imitation." And when you buy imitation costumes and masks, that is all you are really doing – limiting yourself. Officially licensed outfits and accessories make you look more like the actual character in the television program, movie, or video game. What's the point of dressing up as your favorite character if you aren't going to actually look like your favorite character? If people have to keep asking you what your costume is, then you know you haven't chosen the right outfit for the occasion.

Make sure everybody knows who your favorite character is when you assume his or her identity at your next dress-up event. If your costume is realistic enough, people might not even recognize that it's you. Then you can really get into the role and act like the character until somebody figures out your secret identity. Costumes are much more fun when you can fully get into the role and adopt the personality and mannerisms of the character.

So get into character and take a look at our officially licensed masks today!

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