You've been hearing some weird things coming from the basement lately, and someone seems to be moving your stuff around when you're not looking. Just hope that it isn't any of the monsters from these horror masks! Browse through our massive selection of creepy masks for your Halloween costume this year and you're sure to check the closet before you go to sleep. We carry all terrible beasties that taught you what it meant to be afraid in the first place. Turn into Freddy Krueger so you can haunt your friends' dreams at night, or slip on a Jason mask and terrorize those poor camp goers. If you know someone who's afraid of clowns, suit up as Stephen King's Pennywise and give them a surprise visit they won't forget.

Beyond our massive supply of scary movie favorites, there are plenty of original creations to keep you up at night. Take your pick of our many killers, whether you're looking for a chained-up inmate fresh from the asylum or a split-faced Siamese clown just itching to take a bite out of you. Our monsters are equally terrifying, each of them oozing with rotten flesh, covered in fresh blood, and snarling with a mouthful of razor sharp teeth. Occupational characters like our military-based Captain Lester and melting Dr. Death are sure to have your buddies double-thinking their job search.

You might be suffering from a bad infestation of monsters right now, but you don't have to be a victim. Order one of these horror masks for your next Halloween party and out-scare any bogeyman you come across! Get yours now, before these deals get swept under the bed.

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