Half Mask

Parades, masquerades, rescue missions—the half mask is a versatile accessory that fits in every occasion, giving you the freedom to talk and eat while maintaining an air of secrecy. Slip on one of these gorgeous masks before the party tonight and you'll have everyone asking for your name. We have dozens of beautiful Venetian masks, all of them suited for Halloween and masquerades alike. Simple pieces like the flower-decorated black domino mask is a great finishing touch for any ensemble, while our over-the-top alternatives like the Peacock mask will be the center of attention all night. Slip one on and you'll look like you came straight from Carnival.

If you're headed out on Fat Tuesday you'll need to bring along a Mardi Gras masks. Covered in emerald, violet, and vibrant gold, these shimmering masks are a must-have for any wild party. Get into character with a gorgeous jester or plague doctor mask, or build your own costume using basics like the color-changing mask. Maybe you're looking for one of your favorite icons. Slip on a Phantom of the Opera half mask and you'll be making the music of the night in no time. Feeling a little feisty? Take a page out of Catwoman's book and slip on a black lace-up half mask before you head out for your heist.

Your outfit is amazing already—perfect it when you wear it with one of these stunning half masks. Order yours for that upcoming Halloween or costume party and you're sure to look amazing.

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