Our collection of food masks doesn't necessarily mean that there are masks that are edible (though, that would be awesome). This section features masks that allow you to become characters that are related to food items (actual food items – like meat, fruit, vegetables, and bread). We have items for both men and women, and they are sure to whet people's appetites at your next Halloween event or theme party.

Food - Vinyl Burger King Mask

Vinyl Burger King Mask

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Everybody loves food. In fact, everybody needs food to survive. What better way is there to celebrate our ongoing survival than dressing up as characters and figures that represent the very thing keeping us alive? Food is personally one of our favorite things in the world here at Fright Catalog, and it happens to be one of the three F's of Thanksgiving (family, FOOD, and football). Food even has it's own television network – that's how important it is!

Some of these masks feature well-known characters such as mascots from fast food restaurants and certain annoying fruits. Who wouldn't want to dress up as their favorite character from their favorite burger joint? Everybody wants to become a talking food item that can be found in your refrigerator or on your counter. The only thing these masks are lacking is edibility – they would be so much more fun if we could eat them. Somebody needs to invent those soon...

So if you aren't going to invent fully edible costumes, then at least get one of these food masks today!

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