Nothing is as satisfying as a complete set, and nothing is as infuriating as a missing piece. No hardcore fan would let their collection stay incomplete—browse through these collector masks and find that straggler you've been wanting for ages. From slasher to Star Wars, we have the memorabilia for you. Any horror movie fan would love our large selection of monster movie classics. Mad scientists can use our high-quality Frankenstein mask as the crowning jewel of their laboratory, and anthropologists will get a kick out of our exquisitely detailed Creature from the Black Lagoon. Having a bad case of narcolepsy? Add our Freddy Krueger mask to your set and you won't go to sleep for weeks. If it's your belly that's been bothering you, set up our Alien mask as a reminder to get to the doctor.

Collector - Adult Deluxe Alien Latex Mask

Adult Deluxe Alien Latex Mask

Our Price: $56.99
In Stock
Collector - Purple Eyed Alien Mask

Purple Eyed Alien Mask

Our Price: $64.99
In Stock
Collector - Wearable Display Darth Vader Helmet

Wearable Display Darth Vader Helmet

Our Price: $899.99
In Stock
Collector - Silverback Gorilla Mask

Silverback Gorilla Mask

Our Price: $74.99
In Stock
Collector - Chewbacca Mask

Chewbacca Mask

Our Price: $124.99
In Stock
Collector - Helmet Stormtrooper

Helmet Stormtrooper

Our Price: $129.99
Out of Stock

Maybe you prefer your movies to come from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far way. Order any of our amazing Star Wars items and you'll be ready to join the Rebellion. Help Hans run the Millennium Falcon as a realistic Chewbacca, or take him to Jabba the Hut as Boba Fett. Want to be the envy of the whole Empire? Order one of our top-of-the-line Darth Vader helmets and you'll have everyone asking to join the Dark Side.

Whether you've been working on your collection for years or you've just started to build, we have something for you. Order you favorite collector mask today to stay on track for that perfect set. Don't wait to buy them, or you may never see these deals again.

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