You party animal, you. Hang out with your fellow primates at your next Halloween bash wearing one of our animal masks. We carry masks for exotic species from every part of the world, and even some that only exist in your dreams. Browse through our selection and you'll find something to satisfy your inner beast. All the ladies call you a stallion—at least, they will when you put on one of our vinyl horse head masks. As funny as they are creepy, this pop culture phenomenon will have all your friends whinnying in delight. Fans of Robot Unicorn will love our horned unicorn mask, and the messiest of us can hang out around the pigpen as a chicken or cow.

Animal - Zebra Latex Mask for Adults

Zebra Latex Mask for Adults

Our Price: $24.99
In Stock
Animal - Venetian Cat Mask

Venetian Cat Mask

Our Price: $12.97
In Stock
Animal - Gothic Bat Glasses

Gothic Bat Glasses

Our Price: $14.97
Out of Stock
Animal - Brown Bear Plush Mask

Brown Bear Plush Mask

Our Price: $7.97
Out of Stock
Animal - Glitzy Cat Black And Gold Mask

Glitzy Cat Black And Gold Mask

Our Price: $19.99
Out of Stock

We have plenty of more elegant options for anyone who has dreamed of going to the Carnival. Our gorgeous Venetian masks are expertly crafted with swirls, sparkles, and blending colors to make you look as beautiful as you are mysterious. Flutter through the crowd with a mariposa butterfly mask, or get a little feline feisty in our classic cat options. If you're a strong believer that Halloween should stay spooky, slip on a scary alternative like our furious werewolf mask. If that isn't enough, pop on an Ani-Motion mask to give your terrifying mug an Uncanny Valley tilt. These unique masks come in frightening choices like gorilla and wolf, and they will move with you when you talk, making it look like you aren't wearing a mask at all.

October is the season to get a little wild, and what better way to do it than with an animal mask? Order your favorite today before they go extinct.

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