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Trying to be a specific character from your favorite big screen or little screen story? If you're trying to play a specific character then you have to make sure you dress authentically, so people aren't confused as to what you are trying to be. That is where our TV and Movie Hats come in handy. Complete the costume you bought simply by purchasing inexpensive headwear from our sight. If you are a fan then show it, and don't cheap out by skipping the hat or helmet that your favorite antagonist or protagonist wears in the show or movie you love so much.

TV & Movie - Hip Hop Hat and Dreads Wig

Hip Hop Hat and Dreads Wig

Our Price: $22.97
In Stock
TV & Movie - Adult Musketeer Hat

Adult Musketeer Hat

Our Price: $11.97
In Stock
TV & Movie - Boy's Zorro Hat

Boy's Zorro Hat

Our Price: $8.97
In Stock
TV & Movie - Helmet Stormtrooper

Helmet Stormtrooper

Our Price: $129.99
Out of Stock
TV & Movie - Adult Maleficent Classic Headdress

Adult Maleficent Classic Headdress

Our Price: $14.99
Out of Stock
TV & Movie - Pork Pie Hat Black

Pork Pie Hat Black

Our Price: $4.99
Out of Stock
TV & Movie - V For Vendetta Hat

V For Vendetta Hat

Our Price: $11.97
Out of Stock

We have everything from helmets that are seen in movies like Star Wars to big top hats like the one the Cat in the Hat wears. Just imagine seeing Indiana Jones without his fedora or a Smurf without its pointy white hat. It would throw the whole ensemble off. Not every costume needs a hat, but the ones that do, suffer severely when you don't have the specific one, so search for the one that is special to your character, here.

We as people love entertainment, and TV and movies are two of the best forms of entertainment. We grow with the characters in our favorite shows and talk for days about the people who wowed us in a move we saw. You can join the fun for one night this Halloween, and put yourself in the shoes, or hat, of one of those characters. By a TV or movies hat, and live the story.

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