Pimps don't believe in doing anything halfway, especially when it comes to their flashy looks. Sure, you might have the stylish suit, the money medallions, and the cane, but I think you are still forgetting something. If you really want to complete the look then you'll need one of these Pimp Hats. A stereotypical pimp needs a big floppy hat, and you are not trying to be a real gangster on the street. You're trying to look like the funny pimp in movies, and you will with an accessory from this section.

Pimp - Adult Dollar Print Pimp Hat

Adult Dollar Print Pimp Hat

Our Price: $8.97
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Pimp - Gold Cowboy Hat

Gold Cowboy Hat

Our Price: $5.99
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These wide brim hats have plenty of different designs. Get the classic purple velvet one with a furry trim or one with a couple feathers sticking out of the top. You can even get a hat that's covered with printed on, fake money, so you'll look like the biggest baller out there. It doesn't matter if you have a sorority size stable of hoes or only a couple, your fancy look is what is going to sell it. Walk with a bounce in your step, and don't let anyone step to you on your turf. You're playing the pimp game now, so you have to make sure to be the baddest man or lady out there.

You're the boss, and the boss needs a big, stand out hat to let everyone know who's in charge. Purchase a pimp hat, and no one will question you this Halloween.

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