When somebody says you have a feather in your cap, it means you have a good thing going for you. This Halloween, take the expression to a more literal place, with one of our Feather Hats. These hats either have feathers in them, or are made entirely out of feathers, so pick the one that looks best with your outfit this Halloween. Whether you're going out as Robin Hood or a Native American, one of our feathered headpieces is guaranteed to add a level of detail and authenticity to your costume. These looks were also popular with the flappers of the 1920's, as their fringe covered dresses were nicely complemented by a feathered headpiece. We have them in several different colors and styles, so take your time and look around until you find the piece that works for you.

Feather - Deluxe Native American Headband

Deluxe Native American Headband

Our Price: $2.99
In Stock
Feather - Indian Chief Headdress

Indian Chief Headdress

Our Price: $5.97
In Stock
Feather - Feathered Indian Headband

Feathered Indian Headband

Our Price: $9.97
In Stock
Feather - Tribal Headdress

Tribal Headdress

Our Price: $15.97
In Stock

Feathers are a lot of fun for a number of occasions. Whether it's Mardi Gras and you're dressing up in a colorful headpiece, or you're going as a Las Vegas showgirl who's getting all dressed up for her big show, you're sure to find a hat with a feather that will make everybody take notice. And once the feather attracts a man's attention, the rest of your super sexy costume will keep his attention on you and only you. Just be careful where you stick that thing. Nothing kills a mood like accidentally tickling somebody.

Feathers are fun, colorful, and versatile, so check out our feather hats today!

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