A cowboy without a hat is like priest without a collar. Cowboys were the original tough guys of the United States of America, settling the old west with guns and horses. Without the complex system of laws that we have now, things were more chaotic in those days, and the cowboys had to forge their own trails. With your very own Cowboy Hat, you can become one of these brave men. Whether you want to be a lawmaker or a law breaker, one of these hats will give you a far more authentic feel. Women were cowgirls too, although there weren't as many. But ladies, we've got hats for you too, if you want to get in on the fun this Halloween.

We also have Native American headdresses in this category. These headdresses are essential if you want to have an authentic Native American costume. You can go without it if you want to, but they are so big, bright, and colorful, that you will definitely want the benefit of having one on your head as you go out trick or treating, or go to your next costume party. Get your friends to dress up with you, whether you're going as a bunch of cowboys or a bunch of Indians, and you'll have a group costume that's sure to be a huge hit at your next Halloween party. There are many different kinds of hats and headpieces, so take your time and pick out the best one for you.

Giddyup, partner, and get your very own cowboy hat today!

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