Clowns can be either creepy or fun, depending on what kind of costume you're going for. But either way, if you feel like your clown costume is missing something, check out our awesome Clown Hats. Clowns are known for wearing very colorful hats, which are oftentimes too small for their heads. This creates a hilarious image, which is exactly what any clown is going for. If you want to be the best clown possible, then you'll need to have the silliest look you can get. Makeup and the outfit are important, but nothing will bring your look together better than a quality hat. We have hats for men and women, and because clowns are such strange people, really any hat can be worn by either gender.

Clowns - Women's Circus Sweetie Mini Top Hat

Women's Circus Sweetie Mini Top Hat

Our Price: $6.97
Out of Stock
Clowns - Mini Novelty Clown Umbrella

Mini Novelty Clown Umbrella

Our Price: $1.99
Out of Stock
Clowns - Hot Pink Circus Sweetie Nose

Hot Pink Circus Sweetie Nose

Our Price: $2.99
In Stock

These hats are very brightly colored, so you'll want to make sure the one your choose matches your costume. Even though clowns are supposed to be very silly, you still don't want to look sloppy or anything. And you owe it to yourself, after putting together your great clown costume, to get the perfect hat. Not just any old hat. They are all pretty affordable, so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank on an accessory. A clown costume can be worn for Halloween, but then you can also use it for your son or daughter's birthday party. It would help if you could juggle, but it's not mandatory.

Unleash your silly side this Halloween, with your very own clown hat!

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