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Whether you are throwing a party or decorating a house for the scariest season of the year, our Halloween wall decorations are affordable, detailed, and bound to add loads of spooky flair to any environment. We have wall decals, mirrors, wall murals, wall stickers, and wall sculptures, and each item features a sense of the Halloween spirit. When you need some scene setters, our professionally crafted collection of wall decorations will be more than beneficial to your cause.

Wall Decorations - Medieval Stone Wall Backdrop (Each)

Medieval Stone Wall Backdrop (Each)

Our Price: $14.97
In Stock
Wall Decorations - Harry Potter Hogwarts Banner

Harry Potter Hogwarts Banner

Our Price: $9.97
Out of Stock

While costumes and masks often steal the Halloween limelight, wall decorations tie it all together. The right combination of items can turn any atmosphere into a terrifying torture dungeon or a bloody butcher shop, resulting in screams and shrieks from your guests and visitors But in this case, those reactions are positive. Halloween wall decorations also make it easy to decorate any room. The setup process is as easy as hanging a picture on a wall, possibly easier in some instances.

Our selection of Halloween wall decorations gives you a plethora of decorating options. If you need some wall decoration ideas, simply look through our products until something grabs your attention. When you find that horrifying something, search for some complementing props and decorations.

At your next party or haunted house event, your guests will be petrified before you can even say "Boo!"

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