Tabletop Decorations

Our tremendous collection of tabletop Halloween decorations can complete any scene, haunted house, or party. Imagine walking into a room, only to be greeted by a jar of hearts or a bag of brains. These are the kind of things that we want to provide you with – creepy, horrid, disgusting Halloween decorations that will have your friends and family screaming and begging to leave your home as soon as possible. All of our tabletop Halloween decorations are designed to give any room an intense makeover. Put it on a table, use it as a centerpiece in the kitchen, or place it outside near your candy dish.

Tabletop Decorations - Old Electric Lantern

Old Electric Lantern

Our Price: $18.99
Out of Stock
Tabletop Decorations - Dangling Spider

Dangling Spider

Our Price: $34.99
Out of Stock
Tabletop Decorations - Animated Crawling Monster Hand

Animated Crawling Monster Hand

Our Price: $29.99
Out of Stock

If you want portable Halloween decorations, the kind that is light enough to pick up and carry around, you definitely want to check out our wide variety of tabletop props. Each one is light enough to be hefted around or moved from room to room. Whether you want to give your guests a slight jolt or add some ambiance to a haunted house, all of our tabletop Halloween decorations will have you feeling frightfully satisfied.

All of our items are priced as low as possible, so find the ones that work best for your needs and find a place for them in your home.

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