Pirate Decorations

No party or event across the seven seas is complete without the proper pirate decorations. Pirates are rowdy, loud, wild, and full of energy, which is why pirate costumes are a must for any swashbuckling party. But more importantly, pirate decorations carry these same characteristics, enhancing your Halloween and keeping the energy flowing throughout the night. Whether you are simply a lover of all things pirate or hope to recreate a pirate scene, our pirate decorations will get the job done.

Pirate Decorations - Inflatable Cooler Treasure Chest

Inflatable Cooler Treasure Chest

Our Price: $21.99
In Stock
Pirate Decorations - Pirate costume

Pirate costume

Our Price: $4.97
In Stock
Pirate Decorations - Pirate Ale Mug

Pirate Ale Mug

Our Price: $6.99
Out of Stock

Some of these props might as well have come right off a pirate ship. Their detail is unrivaled and their affordability is unbelievable. If you have been craving to live the life of a pirate, our pirate decorations will help to bring that fantasy to life. You provide the “Yarrs” and the scurvy and we will provide the backgrounds and the props.

Whether you are plundering bowls for candy or enjoying the sight of a well-decorated pirate setting, we want you to be absolutely satisfied with your buccaneer setup. The detail of each product is so intricate that you will soon believe you are truly setting sail on the open seas, searching for a buried treasure.

But be sure to bring along a trusty crew, because mutiny always finds its way into a pirate's life.

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