Halloween Music

Send shivers swimming through the skin of your victims with our collection of Halloween music! Whether you are throwing a party or accenting your decorations for a haunted house, our Halloween music makes it easy to add an extra layer of ambiance. Some of our Halloween CDs feature morose songs, yet there are others that focus only on spooky sounds. No matter your musical needs, we can help you achieve the best playlist for your party or event.

Halloween Music - UnLiving Portraits Frightful DVD

UnLiving Portraits Frightful DVD

Our Price: $44.97
In Stock
Halloween Music - Out Of The Darkness Halloween CD

Out Of The Darkness Halloween CD

Our Price: $4.99
In Stock
Halloween Music - Vampyre Midnight Syndicate CD

Vampyre Midnight Syndicate CD

Our Price: $4.99
Out of Stock

We make it easy to find the best Halloween songs and music. Unlike the typical songs that blare out of the mainstream world, our collection intently focuses on the way the sensation moves through your body. It crawls up your spine and convulses within your head. It makes you panic and plead for someone to get you far away – far away from the root of your nightmares. From terrifying to toe-tapping, our Halloween music is bound to make some bodies move.

While the visuals of Halloween are vital and important, it is the music that brings a whole new level of fear into the mix. You can close your eyes off from the world, but the sound will inevitably seep in, spreading the crippling fear throughout your system.

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