Candles & Candle Holders

No Halloween deocorations are complete without candles and candle holders. Candles give you an excuse to get rid of the usual electronic artificial lights, thus creating a seriously spooky feel with flames and moving shadows. Whether you set your candles and candle holders on the dinner table, on the porch, or in a Halloween scene, they are sure to add some spook to your atmosphere.

Candles & Candle Holders - Spooky Candelabra

Spooky Candelabra

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Candles & Candle Holders - Tapered Bleeding Candle Set

Tapered Bleeding Candle Set

Our Price: $3.97
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Halloween candles naturally have a Gothic feeling, especially when they resemble bones or spiders. Utilizing one of our candles and candle holders could be the exact thing to set your haunted house or Halloween setting apart from another. Plus, the use of real flame adds a sense of realism that artificial lights simply cannot match.

Our candles and candle holders help to conjure up the idea and sensation of Halloween. Anyone passing by and glancing briefly at one of our Halloween candles will instantly feel a tinge of horror scamper across their flesh. Gothic candles and candle holders create mental images of witches, warlocks, and cultist incantations, which is perfect for any Halloween lover. Whether you want to spook some trick-or-treaters or light up the night in Gothic fashion, our candles and candle holders are here for you.

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