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You don't need to spend a crazy amount of money to get a great outfit for your next Halloween event or theme party. Take a look at all of the items in our under $20 women's costumes section, and you are bound to find something you like. You can purchase a full costume that is under twenty dollars, or you can buy a few different items to assemble the perfect outfit for your event. Either way, your costume-shopping experience will be quick and painless this year – for you and your wallet.

Under $20 - 50s Pink Poodle Skirt

50s Pink Poodle Skirt

Our Price: $19.79
Out of Stock
Under $20 - Adult Poodle Blouse Costume

Adult Poodle Blouse Costume

Our Price: $16.19
In Stock
Under $20 - 80s Yellow Petticoat

80s Yellow Petticoat

Our Price: $17.97
In Stock
Under $20 - Women's Skittles Tank Dress

Women's Skittles Tank Dress

Our Price: $16.99
In Stock
Under $20 - 80s Hot Pink Petticoat

80s Hot Pink Petticoat

Our Price: $17.97
In Stock
Under $20 - Lady Bug Women's Costume

Lady Bug Women's Costume

Our Price: $17.97
In Stock
Under $20 - Black Rizzo Leggings

Black Rizzo Leggings

Our Price: $16.99
In Stock

While these items might not cost that much, there is nothing cheap about them. You will be completely satisfied with whatever costume you choose, and your outfit will be a big hit at your event or party. Plus, you won't experience that dreaded feeling of buyer's remorse afterward because you didn't really spend that much on it in the first place.

The best thing about buying items for under twenty dollars is that it allows you to be creative – to unleash your imagination as if it were a caged beast. This beast can now purchase several items for the price of a typical Halloween costume, and combine these items to assemble an awesome outfit for itself. This creativity brings an element of originality to your outfit, enabling you to customize it and make it stand out from other people's costumes. It also enables you to put different spins on traditional characters, perhaps combining items that don't usually go together.

So let your creative beast run wild this Halloween and check out these under $20 women's costumes today!

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