There is nothing a man loves more than a lady in uniform – except maybe a woman out of her uniform. That being said, you should definitely check out our fantastic collection of women's police and firefighter costumes for your next Halloween event or theme party. You can also wear one of these outfits to dress up for the bedroom if you are looking to spice things up with your partner.

Police/Firefighter - Sexy Police Woman Costume

Sexy Police Woman Costume

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Police/Firefighter - Sexy Beat Cop Women's costume

Sexy Beat Cop Women's costume

Our Price: $44.99
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Police/Firefighter - Adult Sexy CSI Costume

Adult Sexy CSI Costume

Our Price: $35.94
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Police/Firefighter - Women's Sexy Dirty Police Officer Costume

Women's Sexy Dirty Police Officer Costume

Our Price: $39.99
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Being a police officer is one of the most honorable jobs you can have. It requires a lot of commitment and responsibility because you must protect and serve the people on a daily basis. You are trusted with upholding the law, and sometimes the lives of others are in your hands. We have tons of different kinds of police costumes, including SWAT, FBI, sheriff, sergeant, CSI, DEA, and patrol officers. You can dress up as any one of these types of officers and you will immediately have authority over all of the guys at the party. Don't be afraid to use lethal force if somebody steps out of line because your appearance will be capable of causing a riot. Riot gear sold separately.

Firefighters might be the closest thing we have to real superheroes in this world. A firefighter must possess the right amount of brains, brawn, and bravery to put his or her life on the line in order to save others. Rushing into a burning building to save a small child from almost certain death is not a simple challenge. This is why you should wear one of our smoking hot firefighter outfits with pride.

So become a true hero and get one of these women's police or firefighter costumes today!

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