From the apache to the Cherokee, the Native Americans were known for the earthly culture, sleeping in teepees, hunter and gathering, and their earth-tone wardrobe and colorful war paint. Although many Native American's no longer wear their traditional garbs their unique style now makes for the perfect Halloween ensembles. If you are looking to ignite your spirit animal this year, then why not don one of our high quality Women's Indian Costumes. We have everything you need to become a gorgeous tribal queen or princess for your upcoming dress up festivities. You'll be doing a rain dance at your upcoming party and all the Indian warriors will definitely want to make you their queen when you wear one of these outfits.

Indians - Sacajawea Indian Maiden Costume for Adults

Sacajawea Indian Maiden Costume for Adults

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Indians - Adult Huron Honey Indian Costume

Adult Huron Honey Indian Costume

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In one of our Native American dresses you will look the part for not only a fun Halloween party, but also for a First Thanksgiving Day celebration. That is why these types of outfits are so great. They look amazing and you don't just wear them once and throw them in the closet. If you are a part of a Thanksgiving Day reenactment for children, why not think a head, and kill two birds with one stone. With one of our gorgeous Native American outfits you'll have the perfect ensemble for two holiday celebrations. Each one of these dresses are designed with an earth-tone brown color and stylized with a row of tassels. You can easily accessorize one of these outfits with a headband with a feather attached to it, a pair of matching moccasins, and colorful war paint.

Prance around like a pretty Pocahontas this year in one of our high quality, authentic Women's Indian outfits.

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