Our women's humorous costumes will have your friends and family splitting ribs from laughing so hard. Halloween may have been known for its horror and creepiness, but we lately it's been switching over to a competition to see who could be the funniest. While others focus on the morbid darkness, you will stand out for your bright personality and comedy chops. Show up to the party in an outfit that will get you compliments for your looks and your sense of humor.

Just because your costume is funny or humorous does not mean you can't look amazing in it. We have loads of sexy women's humorous designs, so you don't have to choose between your looks or your funny personality.

These humorous outfits involves jokes such as double entendres and puns. Turn a normal saying into a dirty outfit or go with our more family friendly, funny ensembles. Dress up as a giant fruit or a giant baby, blowing things up in costume form is always funny. Browse through this selection and choose what makes you laugh.

Halloween is a very joking matter, so show up to your holiday event as the punch line of the night. People will love partying with the gorgeous girl with the golden sense of humor. Buy a humorous costume for women, and let the hilarity begin.

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