Spook all of your friends, all night long, with our women's horror costumes. Halloween is the only holiday where you can combine sex appeal with scare factors, creating a unique blend of horror and beauty. If you want a costume that scares as much as it attracts attention, our dark and twisted horror outfits are the perfect way to keep up with the old Halloween tradition of being scary and the new one trending for women, which is being sexy. Black and morbid, mysterious and seductive, find the design that will make you look terrifyingly good.

Horror - Adult Shipwreck Sally Costume

Adult Shipwreck Sally Costume

Our Price: $59.99
In Stock
Horror - Sexy From The Grave Women's Costume

Sexy From The Grave Women's Costume

Our Price: $59.99
In Stock
Horror - Tank Dress Women's Bones

Tank Dress Women's Bones

Our Price: $19.97
Out of Stock
Horror - Sexy Voodoo Magic Women's Costume

Sexy Voodoo Magic Women's Costume

Our Price: $59.99
Out of Stock

From witches to zombies to vampires, we have all the classic Halloween monster symbols for you to dress up as. Add all the blood and guts you possibly can to make yourself as deadly as possibly. We have plenty of fake blood kits and makeup kits.

These ensembles contain all of the tight black dresses, enticing cloaks, and other garments you'll need to seem like you've went over to the dark side. Add accessories such as fishnet stockings to make these designs even hotter. Walk into a party and watch as heads roll with attraction. You can also go with a more conservative costume that involves long, shredded dresses, which make you look like a ghost of the past.

Dwell in the dark with the other ghouls this Halloween, and purchase a horror costume for women.

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