With blood dripping down you're mouth, you'll still be attractive in one of our vampire costumes for women. Vampires are known for their sense of dark style, their elegant fashion, and their ability to always look sophisticated, and our lady blood sucking designs recreate these iconic traits. Vampires are the perfect balance of intelligence and sex appeal. With hundreds of years of experience, you'll be the alpha dog of this world.

Gothic/Vampire - Deluxe Women's Black Velvet and Satin Cape

Deluxe Women's Black Velvet and Satin Cape

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You might lose your soul when you become a vampire, but you won't lose too much money. The outfits that involve long cloaks, tight dark dresses, and high collars, are all fairly cheap. Add some great accessories, such as fake fangs, pale makeup, fake blood, and sexual pieces like fishnet stockings.

From steamy to elegant, our large selection of vampire costumes is sure to have something that fits your needs. As one of the most classic Halloween monsters, you can fly out into the dreary night and stalk your next victim. Whether you are a fan of the new stories like True Blood and Twilight, or you love the classics like Dracula, all vampire fans are welcome here.

From your stare to your vicious nature, everything about you will have the allure of a seductive creature that lives in the shadows. Achieve the true gothic nature of Halloween this year. Buy one of our women's vampire costumes, and you'll look amazing by being graceful and not showing off too much skin.

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